Because Only Together We Can


Who We Are

Francis Kemba Mustapha was born in Madina, Sierra Leone, a little farming village started by his father.   Francis was born a twin and was not expected to live. Six older siblings had all died before reaching age five, and at birth, his twin also died.

Francis’ father walked several miles, carrying the baby to Abie Margai, the first trained nurse from their region.  He handed her the little bundle and said, “We have heard that you are educated.

Here, prove it.”

Nurse Abie made sure baby Kemba survived.   She also taught him to cook, encouraged him to excel in Christian mission schools, and inspired him to put a high value on the education of women.  

 Because of her intervention Francis Kemba grew up with the passionate conviction that education means “LIFE.”

What We Do

Impact Stories

Bobbie Mustapha, board member, wife of Francis

Being a part of this project is the most amazing experience of my life, seeing it go from impossible dream to hand-made blocks in an empty field, to gray walls with children watching as the builders set each block in place, seeing local trees being made into child-sized desks,…and on the other side, back in my US school, having children bring me their own books, and crayons and pencils they’ve bought to share with the children of Madina.

Absolutely priceless!

Joanne Cearbaugh, ELL Teacher Fort Wayne Community Schools

“I had the privilege of spending a few weeks in Madina during the summer of 2013, and to see first hand the amazing accomplishment of building a school where there has never been one. I was part of a team that provided training for the dedicated group of teachers, organized supplies, and helped with the first ever registration. Madina Village School is a ray of hope in a country that has suffered much. Any gift you can give will be much appreciated by my new young friends in Madina.